Alessandro Ruzzi

Machine Learning Engineer
I am a Data Science Master student at ETH Zürich.

My passion for Computer Science was born in my young age, when I started to approach the world of video games. I remember I was only six, when I started playing with my PlayStation together with my best childhood friend. I was surprised by how figures and inanimate objects took life, and the missions that the characters of the games had to perform captured all my attention and my curiosity.
I was just a kid, but already at that time, I was sure I would want to continue my way to getting a deeper knowledge of the computer world. Over time, with more research and study, my interest in the digital world has kept growing, and it has expanded beyond video games (a passion I have by the way maintained over the years). I soon realized I wanted to know more about computers.
When I moved to Milan, I had a very clear idea of what my course of study should look like: I wanted to focus my studies on games development. But I changed my mind during the first year of university when I received a gift from my uncle: the book "Deep Learning" written by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville.
That book has been eye-opening and, by reading it I realized that my career had to go in the direction of deep learning techniques, used in industry, and research perspectives. I am currently at the third year of computer engineering studies at Politecnico di Milano and I can say I have reached the goals I had : I have successfully passed all the exams, I have actively participated to all the proposed courses and I have worked on personal projects that have been appreciated by the professors.
The areas that most caught my interest during my academic years are those related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. I am impressed by how machines interact with the human mind and can anticipate humans’ needs by improving their lifestyle.


Jul 20, 2021

Became a Beta Tester at Comet.ml (testing new visualization tools for deep learning).

Sep 14, 2020

Starting the MSc in Data Science at ETH Zürich (only 60 places available).

Jul 22, 2020

Graduated in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, 110/110 with honors (in less than 3 years).